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Every student needs a teacher who believes in him or her.

I'm an Electrical Engineer with a decade of industry experience. While in Grade 8 I was awarded Residential Merit Scholarship by the Government of India, which aided my good quality Public School education. While working with one of India's largest Private Sector organizations I was selected on merit for a 6 months Executive Program at the prestigious IIM, Bangalore. As a result I got the opportunity to work closely with top level executives of the organization.
I've a teaching experience of 6 years including 2.75 years / 3,400+ hours of online tutoring delivered via a shared white-board and Skype. I teach SAT Math / English, Physics, Statistics and Business Studies to my students located worldwide. I firmly believe that every student needs a teacher who believes in him or her. My teaching methodology is to start at the level of my student, hand-hold him through various concepts and then pose related questions in easy to medium to hard order, asking contemplative questions at every step. This methodology helps building the confidence of my student and he has a feeling that he knew every thing to begin with. This results in a high degree of satisfaction among my students and frequently a student signs up for an additional subject or refers his acquaintance to me. You can reach me on Skype at towards scheduling a free introductory session.

Età: 47     Genere: M
Lingue: Hindi-Urdu | Inglese
Cerco/offro: Conoscenza reciproca
Istruzione: Laurea triennale
Religione: Induista
Tipo psicologico: Bilanciato
Sessualità: Eterosessuale
Membro di: Grades Unlimited; Living with Laws
Tempo da ultima visita: 5 anni
Nazione: India   Stato/Provincia: Uttar Pradesh
Città: Lucknow    Codice postale: UP
Nome Skype: visibile solo per utenti registrati
Professione: Professionista
Fumatore: No
Relazione corrente: Coniugato
Convivo con: Con coniuge o partner
Risposte all'autointervista: 26 (en)  


I miei interessi, hobby, abitudini
Reading, Teaching, Yoga, Music, Psychology, Spirituality
Dettagli su cosa cerco e offro
I seek Higher learning. I offer online tutoring in Math, Physics and English.
La mia personalità  
Il mio temperamento e carattere
cheerful, gentle, thoughtful, self-controlled, emotional, patient, curious, hard working, caring, kind, compassionate.
Quanto sono introverso / estroverso
I enjoy most while alone.
Cosa trovo di buono/bello nella vita
sunrise, natural things, animals, well-written text, good art work, bicycle, music, my students, traveling, sweet nothings
Cosa trovo di cattivo/brutto nella vita
high expectation, hectic pace of life, shopping, menu card at restaurant, senseless talk
Le mie preferenze e i miei gusti  
Cosa apprezzo di più in una persona
hard working, caring and giving,
Generi di letture preferiti
The Road Less Traveled, Psycho-cybernetics, A Brief History of Time
Le mie vacanze preferite (luoghi, attività, compagnie ecc.)
Walking, Cycling, Yoga, Mountain, Sea-side night stay
I miei sentimenti  
Cose che mi appassionano
Teaching, making knowledge acquisition a lot less tedious and more enjoyable.
Cose che mi irritano
noise, senseless talk, shabby work, Satanic attitude
Cosa non potrei mai perdonare
I miei desideri e le mie motivazioni  
I miei desideri
Creation of a world-class tutoring network capable of identifying major strengths and weakness areas and bring happiness to them.
Cosa cerco e non riesco a trovare
not sure
Quanto sono soddisfatto della vita che faccio
100 % or more
I miei rapporti sociali  
Cosa faccio per il bene comune
Initiating a massive change in the way the knowledge is being imparted.
La mia storia  
I miei successi
My professional ability brought me face to face with one of the richest Indians.
I miei insuccessi
Unable to capitalize on a great advantage in the nick of time.
Le mie autovalutazioni  
Quanto mi stimo, mi apprezzo
very highly
Le mie virtù e i miei pregi
never say die attitude, a marvelous motivator, leading from the front, putting personal good behind the common good.
I miei difetti e vizi
weak on emotional and empathy front, self-centered, the world revolves around me attitude.
La mia etica  
I miei principi etici
A candle burns itself to give light.
Le mie idee e opinioni  
Il mio orientamento religioso
One God- Mother Nature
Cosa penso del matrimonio
Only a responsible person should be allowed to marry otherwise it is a waste of life.
Credo nel destino? Credo che tutte le cose seguano un piano predeterminato? Che nulla succede per caso?
yes, roles are predetermined for us, how well I play the scripted role is solely my choice.
Le cose che ritengo più importanti per una vita degna di essere vissuta
knowledge, a path-breaking creation.
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